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Comparative Constitutional Rights Chart

        This comparative constitutional rights research tool was developed for the Arthur W. Diamond Law Library at Columbia Law School.  Click here for information on the researchers, and here for selected research references used.  These web pages present in chart form a comparison of basic human rights as embodied in selected Constitutions from different world regions and in two major international and regional human rights instruments.

        Each cell in the chart contains a hyperlink to the particular provisions of the constitution or instrument, if any, that are relevant to a particular substantive or procedural right.  Annotations providing basic comparative analysis of textual provisions, and referring to current scholarship, are provided for many entries in the chart.

        These Constitutions and instruments have been selected as especially significant from a jurisprudential perspective.  For a comparative perspective on the influence of foreign law in the development of these documents and cross-fertilization among them, see the links to each of the documents below.


        There are three means by which you may access the information contained in the chart:

  • A listing of categories of procedural and substantive rights, and constitutional provisions directly relevant to the enjoyment and enforcement of these rights.  The categories are civil and political rights, economic and social rights, group rights, limitations on rights, application and amendment of rights, remedies, and duties.  Each category is subdivided into subcategories which group together a small number of similar provisions. Each subcategory is displayed in a separate web page when selected.
  • An alphabetical index of the constitutional provisions that are analyzed in the chart.
  • A search function for key words.  This is especially useful when the subject of study may be related to a number of different rights, such as "detention", "work", or "expression".


        The Constitutions and international instruments that have been analyzed are listed below.  For more information on a document, click on its name.

  South African Constitution
French 1958 Constitution
Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Constitution of Argentina (1994)
United States Constitution
Constitution of India
International Constitutional Law Key System
International Instruments
  Universal Declaration of Human Rights
International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights