Comparative Constitutional Rights Chart

Alphabetical Index of Provisions

    The following is an alphabetical index of all Constitutional provisions analysed in this Chart.  These include civil and political rights;  economic, social, and cultural rights;  group-oriented rights;  limitations on rights;  remedies for violations of rights;  and duties of individuals towards their community or towards other individuals.  Category headings appear in bold italic type.

A - G

Access to Courts
Access to Information
Accused Persons, rights of, including a fair trial
Adequate Standard of Living, right to
Administrative Justice
Affirmative Action
Arbitrary Detention, right not to be subject to
Arrested and Detained Persons, rights of
Asylum, right of aliens to seek and enjoy
Children, rights of
Citizenship, right not to be deprived of
Convicted Prisoners, rights of
Cultural Rights
Culture of One’s Choice, right to participate in a
Customary Int’l Law, Incorporation into Domestic Law
Derogation from Rights during Emergencies
Development, right to
Dignity, right to protection of
Discrimination, Impermissible
Double jeopardy, prohibition of
Duties of Individuals
Duties to Other Individuals

Duties to the Community, such as duty to vote
Economic Rights
Elections, right to Free and Fair Elections
Elementary Education, right to
Enforcement by the State in general
Enforcement by the State through special bodies
Environmental Rights of Individuals
Equal Protection of the Law
Equality, right of, Limitations on
Equality of Multiple Official Languages
Ex post facto criminal laws, prohibition of
Exit and Return of One’s Country, Freedom of
Freedom of Assembly, Demonstration, Petition
Freedom of Assembly, Limitations on
Freedom of Association
Freedom of Expression
Freedom of Expression, Limitations on
Freedom of Movement and Residence
Freedom of Movement and Residence, Limitations on
Freedom of Religion, Belief, and Opinion

H - Z

Healthcare, right to
Healthful Environment, right to a
Honor and Reputation, protection from attacks on
Housing, right to adequate
Infringement Upon Rights of Others, Prohibition of
Judicial Review of Legislative and Executive Acts
Labor Rights
Land Tenure of Communities
Language of One’s Choice, right to use a
Life, right to
Limitations Applicable to All Rights
Limitations on Specific Rights
Limitations on all Limitations
Marriage rights
Minorities, Racial and Ethnic, rights of
Minorities, rights of, in general
Nationality, right to a
National Security Limitations on Rights
Non-Derogable Rights

Other Generations of Rights
Peace, right to
"Peoples" and Communities, rights of
Police Power Limitations on Rights
Political Participation, right to
Privacy, right to
Private Enforcement
Property, land ownership
Property, right to compensation for expropriation of
Remedies (Private) Under Domestic Law, Availability of
Remedies (Public) Under Domestic Law
Remedies Under International Law in Domestic Courts
Reproductive Rights
Right to Form Labor Unions
Right to Form Labor Unions, Limitations on
Security of One’s Person
Slavery and Forced Labor
Social Rights
Social Security
Treaty Law, Incorporation into Domestic Law
Work, right to

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