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Z & Others v. U.K ., 34 Eur. H.R. Rep. 3 (2001)

Facts: The applicants were four adults who, as children, had been subjected to neglect and abuse by their parents. The social authorities were aware of the situations but only visited their homes on a regular basis instead of placing the applicants in foster care. The applicants claimed that as children they suffered on the long-term. Some applicants showed psychological damage.

Complaint: The applicants complained that the authorities breached their article 3 rights (right not to be subjected to inhuman or degrading treatment) by failing to intervene in their family in a timely manner while aware of their plight. They claimed that their ill-treatment constituted inhuman and degrading treatment.

Holding: the Court found a violation of Article 3 and found the UK responsible.
Reasoning: Article 3 ECHR can be used as an effective remedy for child victims of ill-treatment, even where the injury was not directly inflicted by anyone in a public capacity.



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