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Bills of Rights Comparative Law Materials

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This website is no longer being updated. March 26, 2008

This website for Bills of Rights Comparative Law Materials provides access to constitutional law cases from jurisdictions around the world. Initially, it was intended for South African jurists, as an aid to interpreting the 1996 Constitution of South Africa. The constitution provides that the Constitutional Court may consider constitutional law from legal systems throughout the world.

Please note that new subjects, cases, and relevant non-constitutional materials will be added. Case law from India was updated in 2004. New cases may not be added to the MS Word document of all the cases within a topic.

This project is the work of Professor Jack Greenberg of the Columbia University School of Law. Professor Greenberg takes this opportunity publicly to thank the Ford Foundation for its generous support. He also wishes to thank the students who participated in his seminar on South African constitutional law from the apartheid years through the present ("The Post-Apartheid Constitution in South Africa"), and Mr. Howard Varney, who arranged the materials in electronic format. These materials have been formatted and posted on the web by the designers of Human & Constitutional Rights Web Page.

The Diamond Law Library at Columbia Law School is in the process of adding links to the International Constitutional Law Key System

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