Bruggemann and Scheuten v Federal Republic of Germany (Application No 6959/75) European Commission of Human Rights (1981) 3 EHRR 244 12 JULY 1977

Abortion. Restrictions on obtaining abortions.

Not every restriction on the termination of an unwanted pregnancy constituted an interference with the right of respect for the private life of the mother. Article 8 (1) of the Convention could not therefore be interpreted as meaning that pregnancy and its termination were, in principle, solely a matter of the private life of the mother.

The following cases are cited in the Opinion:

1. Application No 6825/75, X v Iceland (1976) 5 D & R 86. 
2. Application No 3868/68, X v UK (1970) 34 CD 10.
3. Application no 5877/72, X v UK (1974) 45 CD 90.

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